GreenWell - Convention & Coaching Centre, situated in the conservation area Hohe Wand, it offers a harmonious ambience and simple, but high quality equipment and furnishings. The entire centre impresses you with its breathtaking panoramic view of the landscape as well as big glass windows for plenty of daylight. For the participants’ well-being, the apartments were stylishly furnished. The centre offers tastefully and carefully designed seminar rooms with state-of-the-art-technology. The outdoor grounds are a great place to bring body and mind in line. GreenWell gives the impression of a futuristic ZEN-abbey.

Der Samurai Manager - Greenwell

Dojo Stara Wieś

The Dojo (gym) Stara Wieś is unique worldwide. This, outside Japan, unique centre was built exclusively for the studies of traditional Japanese martial arts and is not open to commercial purposes. In conservation area of 64 hectares there is a 20,000 square metre-big Dojo, which meets all your needs. The accommodation is plain, of top quality and kept in Japanese style. In total seclusion from daily stress and in an incomparable atmosphere, Samurai Managers can devote themselves to the studies of value oriented management skills and effective negotiation strategies, based on the principles of the Samurai.

Der Samurai Manager - Dojo Stara Wies

Dojo New World

The Dojo New World at the foot of the conservation area Hohe Wand in Lower Austria offers a dignified frame for the third part of the qualifying program, the Samurai Manager for Experts. This location is not comparable to the other two locations with regard to size, but offers a very exclusive, nearly familiar character. At its construction, particular importance was attached to high quality and, above all, to the use of natural substances. For example, on the walls ionic wall paint, which verifiably releases ions in contact with oxygen, was used. These ions, in turn, provide a healthy atmospheric environment and measurably increase efficiency and the ability to concentrate. This was confirmed by participants many times.

Der Samurai Manager - DoJo Neue Welt