The central idea 

Der Samurai Manager trains the art, helps improve intuition to make the right decision.

The vision

A woman or a man who really wants to be successful in management is a certified Samurai-Manager.

The values




The credo

you feel. you go.

Der Samurai Manager

The increasing complexity in the requirements of a manager also influences our management culture and requires strong characters who work efficiently and make targeted decisions. Personalities who consciously use their intellect, their feelings and their values. Just like the samurai did in Japan for many centuries. Skills such as empathy, trust, but also courage, determination and above all intuition are therefore a must for managers, now and especially in the future.

This seminar format is a combination of a management class, where you get to know instruments of negotiation and leadership strategies, and a body dynamic to implement the knowledge sustainably.

Target group:

- Employees with management and negotiation responsibility who are open to new approaches

- Members of the board of directors and management

- Middle and senior management executives


Der Samurai Sales Manager

In the seminar The Samurai Sales Manager, the participants get completely new approaches to the topic of sales and learn how to confidently solve complex negotiation situations with Samurai principles.

Der Samurai Sales Manager is considered a master class in sales and provides answers to the following topics:

- From needs assessment to hitting the customer's emotional nerve

- Product sale versus solution sale

- How added value can be generated in complex price negotiations

- Safe and confident in the closing phase

- "SEN" as a door opener in new customer acquisition

This seminar format is a combination of sales training and body dynamics in order to implement the knowledge in a sustainable manner. The participants are then able to focus more on their goals and use their own energy more efficiently.

Target group:

- Sales staff



“I always thought values are extremely important in our modern business world and values are ultimately what makes companies long term successful, as it gives the employees the right appreciation and proves the customers the right dedication to their business needs. I was looking for such a management training for a long time, as this is what is missing in our short lived times and I am extremely lucky I found it. Samurai Manager shacked our management team in a very positive, even some were skeptical in the beginning. I can highly recommend the Samurai Manager program.”

Christian Mitterdorfer, Vice President Europe, Titan Machinery Austria GmbH

“The Samurai Sales Manager program provides exciting approaches to sales, even for very experienced and already successful salespeople. The methodology of knowledge transfer is incomparable and sustainable. A final certification, where the participants implement sales projects in practice, gives the participants even more personal responsibility and ensures the return on investment.”

Ing. Hans Hörandner, MBA - BereichsleiterBusiness IT Solution, Infotech EDV-Systeme GmbH

Workshop appetizers

Nothing shapes a corporate culture more sustainably than lived values. In a numbers-driven world dominated by quarterly results, aligning a company in a value-oriented manner is truly a masterpiece. How we can benefit from the old masters of the samurai and their principles in modern management is shown in an impressive way. This format is particularly suitable as an impulse event at leadership conferences, customer events, but also as an incentive to open up new perspectives.


The Samurai Manager masterclass

The Samurai Manager

The Samurai Manager short video

20. to 22.3.2024

Der Samurai Manager Basic

ZfU - Seminarhotel Am Ägerisee, Seestrasse 10, 6314 Unterägeri, Schweiz


25. to 27.9.2024

Der Samurai Manager Basic

ZfU - Seminarhotel Am Ägerisee, Seestrasse 10, 6314 Unterägeri, Schweiz