Der Samurai Manager - Mit Intuition zum Erfolg

The book shows the comparison of Western and Far Eastern negotiation and leadership strategies with a highly pragmatic approach and numerous practical examples. Based on their values of honor, courage, discipline, respect and above all intuition, the samurai enjoyed the highest social standing in Japan for many centuries. Transferring these values to modern management and opening up new perspectives for executives is the central theme of this book. The role played by the principles of traditional martial arts and how these serve as a methodology to bring new knowledge into unconscious competence allow the reader to immerse themselves in an exciting crossover between the Far East and the West, between business and Budo (martial arts). 

Key message: Intuition is the highest art of management and the samurai. Based on the principles of Budo (martial arts), the book shows how one's own intuition can be improved and how sovereignty can be achieved in complex negotiation situations and difficult leadership issues.

Der Samurai Manager - Mit Intuition zum Erfolg
German edition, 280 pages
ISBN: 978-3-85485-335-0
Size 13,9 x 3 x 22,1 cm

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"Congratulations to your book “Der Samurai Manager – with Intuition to your success"!

It’s expanding the horizon, is informative and close to the real life!”

Mag. Robert Schmid, CEO Schmid Industrie Holding GmbH

"In an everyday life managers and entrepreneurs are expected to make the right decisions and lead their teams with full awareness. Attentive studying of Reinhard Lindner’s book enables readers to find answers how to manage our personal growth and discover development potential in our employees."

Agnieszka Wolińska-Skuza, PhD, Managing Director at MasConsulting